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Apple IIe "Platinum"

See below for specifications and information on this system.

Specifications and information

Key Dates: Original IIe Announced January 1983
Platinum edition ships 1987
Original Price:  
CPU: 65C02, 1 MHz
Memory: 128K, expandable to 1MB
Display Capability: 80 column text; 560x192 monochrome, 140x192 16-color graphics
Operating System: Apple DOS
Input/Output: Built-in keyboard and numeric keypad; composite video output; sound output
Bus: Apple II bus, 8 slots
Other Items in Collection: Two Apple 5.25 Drives; Apple II Mouse

Here's a comparison between the original IIe (on the right) and the IIe platinum edition (on the left):

The Platinum edition includes some features (and the "enhancement kit" that were added to the IIe along its lifespan; including the 65C02 processor with additional instructions, 80 column display capability and Double Hires graphics, a numeric keypad, shift key modification, and a revised motherboard.

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