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Atari 2600 Video Computer System

See below for specifications and information on this system.

Specifications and information

Introduced: 1977
CPU: Unknown
Controls: Two joystick ports, 4-6 switches
Games: Hundreds of compatible cartridges were produced from dozens of companies. The Computer Closet collection includes a 256-game MultiCart.

The Atari 2600 VCS (Video Computer System) was the most popular home game system of all time. This particular Atari 2600 is in the original color display box.

The 2600 was replaced by the Atari 5200.

One significant enhancement to the Atari 2600 was the Starpath Supercharger, an add-on unit that greatly extended the 2600's memory capacity, and loaded more elaborate games from cassette tapes than could fit in the limited cartridge ROM capacity of the day.   Here's a picture of the Supercharger with its box and a game cassette:

StarpathSupercharger.jpg (42716 bytes)

Here's a shot of standard Atari 2600 carts.  There are literally hundreds of 2600 cart styles, but this is a good example of two:

Atari2600Soft.jpg (35134 bytes)

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