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Commodore PET 2001-32N

See below for specifications and information on this system.

Specifications and information

Introduced: April 1977 at the West Coast Computer Faire
CPU: 6502
Memory: 8K RAM, 14K ROM
Operating System: ROM BASIC
Input/Output: Built-in keyboard; IEEE parallel port; external cassette port
Resolution: 40-column text with graphics characters
Bus: N/A
Other Items in Collection: PET 2001-8; external cassette drive
Items Needed: Floppy disk drive (CBM 2040 or 4040), software, original documentation

This PET is a later version than the original PET 2001-8, which is also in the Computer Closet collection.

The 2001-32N is distinguished by its full-size "graphics" keyboard.

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