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DEC Rainbow 100

See below for specifications and information on this system.

Specifications and information

Key Dates:  
Original Price:  
CPU: Intel 8086
Memory: 256K, expandable to 1MB
Display Capability:  
Operating System: CP/M 86, MS-DOS
Input/Output: Keyboard port; monitor port; serial port; parallel port
Bus: DEC Rainbow bus
Other Items in Collection: Documentation

The Computer Closet's Rainbow 100, pictured here, is mounted in the optional tower case from Digital. The machine itself is actually slightly smaller than an IBM PC. The standard chassis simply slides into the tower case module, and a rear door covers the cabling. Without the tower case, the Rainbow simply sat horizontally on a desktop.

The DEC Rainbow has an interesting dual floppy disk drive, that looks like no other drive ever made:

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