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Mattel Aquarius

See below for specifications and information on this system.

Specifications and information

Key Dates: Announced January 1983
Original Price: $200
CPU: Zilog Z-80A
Memory: 4K
Display Capability: 40 characters by 24 lines, 80x72 16-color graphics
Operating System: ROM BASIC
Input/Output: Built-in keyboard; cartridge port; composite video output; cassette port
Bus: N/A
Other Items in Collection: Second unit
Items Needed: Mini-Expander; tape drive; documentation; cartridges

The Mattel Aquarius, announed at the 1983 Winter Consumer Electronics Show, was not the smash hit that Mattel had hoped for. This was 1983, and "chiclet" style keyboards were a thing of the past (see 1977's Commodore PET).

Mattel eventually announced a replacement version with a standard size keyboard, but it never shipped, and the line was discontinued.

In the picture of the Aquarius above, the game cartridge bay is covered by a black plastic cover.

This is the Aquarius Mini-Expander unit with dual joypad controllers. The Mini-Expander plugs into the Aquarius cartridge slot, provides two cartridge slots of its own, and the jacks for the joypads.

MattelAquariusME.jpg (13113 bytes)

Here's a shot of an Aquarius game cartridge, along with its keyboard and joypad overlays:

MattelAquariusCart.jpg (32851 bytes)

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