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NEC Turbo Duo

TurboDuoLogo.jpg (8620 bytes)

See below for specifications and information on this system.

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Specifications and information

Introduced: 1992
CPU: Unknown
Controls: Two joystick ports
Games: Various Super CD-ROMs and HuCards

The Turbo Duo is probably the best looking home video game system ever produced.   It's a combination of the NEC Turbografx 16 game system along with the TG16 CD-ROM system in one compact unit.  It plays TG16 HuCard titles as well as Super CD-ROM and Super CD-ROM2 games.

Here's another view of the Turbo Duo, showing the HuCard bay (closed) at the left front:

NECTurboDuo2.jpg (7867 bytes)

A side view. The large DIN port visible is the A/V output port:

NECTurboDuo3.jpg (11734 bytes)

And the Turbo Duo original box!

NECTurboDuoBox.jpg (32612 bytes)

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