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Nintendo Game Boy / Game Boy Light

See below for specifications and information on this system.

NintendoGameBoyBox.jpg (79006 bytes)

Specifications and information

Introduced: 1989
CPU: Z-80 compatible
Display: Monochrome LCD
Controls: Built in directional pad, two buttons
Games: Tetris, Donkey Kong

Here's a picture of the original Game Boy style.  The picture above is of the original box this system came with.

NintendoGameBoy.jpg (27117 bytes)

Rare Game Boys

These are two of the rarer Game Boy variants.  On the left is the Game Boy Light, a backlit version of the Game Boy Pocket.  The Game Boy Light was sold only in Japan.   On the right is the clear-case limited edition version of the original Game Boy.

GameBoyLight_Clear.jpg (56018 bytes)

The original box for the Japan-only backlit Game Boy Light:

GameBoyLightBox.jpg (27847 bytes)

Game Boy Software

Here's an example of what Game Boy software and packaging looks like:

NintendoGameBoySoft.jpg (47835 bytes)

Game Boy games can also be played on the Super Nintendo (SNES) using the Super Game Boy system.  The Super Game Boy is a cartridge that plugs into the SNES, and accepts Game Boy cartridges.  The games are played in color.

NintendoSuperGameBoy.jpg (48771 bytes)

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