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Pioneer LaserActive

See below for specifications and information on this system.

Pioneer_Laseractive.JPG (48718 bytes)

Specifications and information

Introduced: 1993
Controls: Via modules
Games: Various

The Pioneer LaserActive CLD-A100 is a laserdisc player that accepts game modules via a docking bay in the lower front of the unit.  Game modules were produced by Sega and NEC in cooperation with Pioneer (see below).  A karaoke module was also available.   In the above photo, the top LaserActive has the NEC module installed, and the bottom LaserActive has the Sega module installed.  due to its high price ($700 for the CLD-A100 alone, plus $400 for each module) these units are extremely rare.

The large tray is for 12" laserdiscs, and the smaller door within it is for 5" CDs/CD-ROMs.  The two green buttons in the upper right are used to open either the LVD tray or the CD tray.  The second large rectangular button from the left in the top left area is the eject button for the docking game module.  An interlock is used to prevent ejecting the game module while the power is on.

A wireless remote is provided, but the game controllers can also operate the unit for laserdisc/CD playback.  The CLD-A100 is equipped with dual composite video outputs and dual stereo audio outputs (no S-video or AC-3 RF out).

A system with both modules can play a large number of different game types, including:

...not to mention regular laserdisc movies, audio CDs, and CD+G titles.  There were only about a dozen laserdisc-based titles ever produced for the system.

Here is the Sega LaserActive module, that enables the LaserActive to play Sega Genesis cartridges, Sega CD games, and Mega LD titles on laserdisc:

LaserActive_Sega.jpg (19197 bytes)

And here is the NEC LaserActive module, which plays NEC Turbografx-16 HuCard games, TG16 Super CD-ROM games, and LD-ROM2 laserdisc titles:

LaserActive_TG16.jpg (17917 bytes)

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