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Processor Technology Sol-20

See below for specifications and information on this system.

Specifications and information

Introduced: 1976
Original Price: Sol-20: $995 kit (Including case, power supply, 5-slot S-100 backplane, fan, large power supply, and 85-key keyboard)
Sol-10: $795 kit (Includes case, power supply and 70-key keyboard)
Sol-PC: $475 kit (Sol single board computer only)
CPU: Intel 8080
Memory: 1K system RAM & 1K video RAM on motherboard, expansion via S-100 cards (1K-64K)
Display: Composite output, 16 lines by 64 characters
Operating System: Various, CP/M
Input/Output: Built-in keyboard, serial port, composite video monitor output
Bus: S-100 bus
Cards Installed: 32K RAM, North Star MDC floppy disk controller
Other Items in Collection: Floppy disk drive
Items Needed: Documentation, Helios drive system

Processor Technology Advertisements

Here are some classic advertisements for the Sol. Click a thumbnail to see a larger version of the picture.

"The First Complete Small Computer." (860x1200 monochrome GIF, 38K) November 1976
"Sol systems put it all together. One source for hardware and software. One source for engineered compatibility of computer and peripherals. That's the Sol plan." December 1976

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