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SWTPC 6800

See below for specifications and information on this system.

SWTPC6800.jpg (79323 bytes)


Specifications and information

Introduced: 1976
Original Price:  
CPU: Motorola 6800
Memory: Card based
Operating System: ROM Monitor
Input/Output: Serial, Parallel SS-30 cards
Resolution: NA
Bus: SS-50 (CPU, memory expansion, disk controllers), plus SS-30 (I/O boards such as serial and parallel)
Other Items in Collection: NA
Items Needed: Disk unit, software, documentation

The SouthWest Technical Products Corporation (SWTPC) 6800 is the first production Motorola computer system.  Before getting into the computer business, SWTPC built audio kits, such as amplifiers and preamplifiers for home audio use.  That's why the SWTPC 6800 looks so much like a stereo amplifier.

One clone of the SWTPC was the Smoke Signal Broadcasting Chieftain.

Here's a picture of the SWTPC 6800 CPU card for the SS-50 bus:

swtpccpu.jpg (52953 bytes)

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