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SHARP Pocket Computers PC-1500 & PC-1500A

See below for specifications and information on this system.

Specifications and information

Key Dates:  
Original Price:  
CPU: CMOS 8-bit
Memory: PC-1500: 3.5K RAM, expandable to 7.5K; 16K ROM
PC-1500A: 8.5K RAM, expandable to 24.5K; 16K ROM
Display: Built-in Monochrome LCD, 7x156 resolution; single 26-character line of text
Operating System: ROM BASIC
Input/Output: Built-in 65-key alphanumeric keyboard;
Bus: Proprietary expansion bus for printer/cassette interface (model CE-150)
Power: 6.0V DC, 4 AA batteries or AC adapter; 50 hour run time (.13W)
Size/Weight: 7 11/16" W x 3 3/8" D x 1" H
Other Items in Collection: Documentation; cases; printer/cassette interface; memory expansion modules
Items Needed:  

The Sharp PC-1500 series are BASIC language pocket computers. They're very similar to the Radio Shack TRS-80 Pocket Computers, which were built for Tandy by Sharp. Here's a shot of the PC-1500 along with a 5 1/4" floppy disk to lend a sense of scale:

Here's the PC-1500 in its carrying case with the Printer/Cassette Interface and AC adapter:

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