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Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 1

See below for specifications and information on this system.

Specifications and information

Key Dates: Announced August 1977
Discontinued January 1981 due to FCC rules for RF interference
Original Price: $600
CPU: Zilog Z-80
Memory: 4K RAM, expandable to 16K in system unit, 48K via Expansion Interface
Operating System: ROM BASIC; TRSDOS with Expansion Interface and disk drive
Input/Output: DIN port for TRS-80 composite monochrome monitor; DIN port for cassette player; card edge expansion connector for Expansion Interface or parallel printer
With Expansion Interface: Floppy disk interface card edge connector; Parallel Printer card edge connector; Serial Port card edge connector (with optional serial port board installed in Expansion Interface)
Resolution: Monochrome 128x48 graphics; 64x24 character display
Bus: TRS-80 Bus
Other Items in Collection: LNW Expansion Interface (pictured); Radio Shack Expansion Interface; disk drives; spare monitor; spare system unit; various software; some documentation; 5 meg hard disk drive
Items Needed: Power supplies for spare unit; Expansion Interface in good shape; documentation

My first personal computer was a TRS-80, in September of 1977.

Here's a look at the Radio Shack 5 Meg Hard Disk Drive for the TRS-80 Model 1/3:

The famous & rare TRS-80 Model 1 Voice Synthesizer module:

TRS80VoiceSynth.jpg (41980 bytes)

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