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Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 100

See below for specifications and information on this system.

Specifications and information

Key Dates: Announced March 1983
Original Price: $800 with 8K RAM, $1000 for 24K RAM
CPU: Intel 80C85 (Z-80 compatible)
Memory: 4K
Display Capability: 40 characters by 8 lines text, 240x64 monochrome graphics
Operating System: Custom OS by Microsoft including ROM BASIC, word processing, communications
Input/Output: Built-in keyboard; monochrome LCD display; serial port; 300 baud direct-connect modem;
Bus: N/A
Other Items in Collection: Radio Shack PDD portable 3.5" disk drive and carrying case; Disk/Video Interface; bar-code reader; third-party NiCd battery-powered 3.5" portable disk drive; third-party battery-powered portable thermal printer; carrying case; documentation; extensive software and add-on ROM collection; spare Model 100 unit
Items Needed:  

The Model 100 is a rugged, light, laptop computer that was very popular with journalists and others who needed to do real word processing on the go. The full-size keyboard is excellent and the LCD display quite readable. Numerous third party vendors such as Traveling Software produced software and hardware add-ons for the Model 100.

A Model 100 system is considerably enhanced by the addition of the 3.5" Portable Disk Drive (PDD). The optional Disk/Video Interface provides connection to a composite monitor, as well as a 5 1/4" floppy drive for data interchange.

I used a Model 100 back in '83-'84 and it was one of the best computers I've had the pleasure of working with. They're so practical that many are still in use today, and fetch a used price in excess of $100.

The follow-on to the Model 100 was the Model 200, which was not quite as handy due to its bulkier flip-up LCD panel.

Here's a shot of the Computer Closet's complete TRS-80 Model 100 system:

And the original box for the Model 100:

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