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Commodore VIC-20

See below for specifications and information on this system.

Specifications and information

Introduced: Announced January 1981
Original Price: $299
CPU: 6502A, 1.01 MHz
Memory: 3.5K RAM, 16K ROM; expandable to 64K RAM via cartridge port
Operating System: ROM BASIC
Input/Output: Cartridge Port; two joystick ports; composite video output; serial bus connector for floppy disk drive, printer, or other peripherals
Resolution: 176x184 max, 16 colors; 22 column text by 23 lines
Bus: N/A
Other Items in Collection: Original box; documentation
Items Needed: N/A

The Commodore VIC-20 was basically a compact version of the PET with enhanced graphics capability and a new serial peripheral bus.

Tom R. Halfhill, Byte Magazine, August 1994: "Commodore's VIC-20, introduced in 1981, was the first color computer that cost under $300. VIC-20 production hit 9000 units per day--a run rate that's enviable now, and was phenomenal back then. "

The VIC-20 was eventually replaced by the Commodore 64, although both models were sold simultaneously for a period of time.

Here's a shot of the VIC-20 box:

VIC-20 Cartridge Software:

CommodoreVIC20Soft.jpg (43778 bytes)

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