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Bally Astrocade / Astrocade Professional Arcade

See below for specifications and information on this system.

Specifications and information

Key Dates: Announced late 1977
Shipped 1978 as the "Bally Professional Arcade"
Rights sold to Astrovision in 1981
Sold in 1981-1982 as "Bally Computer System"
Renamed in 1982 to "Astrocade"
Original Price: $299
CPU: Zilog Z-80, 3.579 MHz
Controls: 4 joystick ports, 1 expansion port, 1 light pen port
Memory: 8K RAM, 4K ROM in cartridges
Resolution: Max 320x204, up to 8 colors
Games: 1 Built-In Game

This system has gone through more name changes!

This particular Astrocade is in unused condition in the original color display box, enclosed within the original cardboard shipping box.

This is an example of the packaging and cartridge style for the Astrocade:

BallyArcadeSoft.jpg (46619 bytes)

Here's the BASIC Add-On for the Astrocade that allows it to be programmed like a computer.  The add-on includes an Audio Cassette Interface, and a BASIC Program Tape.

BallyArcadeBASIC.jpg (49019 bytes)

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