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Epson HX-20

See below for specifications and information on this system.

Specifications and information

Introduced: November 1981
Original Price:  
CPU: Hitachi 6301, .614 MHz
Memory: 16K RAM; 32K ROM
Operating System: Proprietary
Display: 20 character by 4 lines; 120x32 graphics, monochrome LCD display
Weight: 3 lbs
Input/Output: Built-in thermal printer; built-in microcassette drive; serial port; external tape drive port; bar code reader port
Bus: Proprietary
Other Items in Collection: Carrying case, power supply
Items Needed: Documentation

The Epson HX-20 was probably the world's first "notebook" computer, and was referred to as such by Byte Magazine when they first saw the unit at a trade show.

The HX-20 was followed by the PX-8, which has a larger display and runs CP/M.

Epson HX-20 Carrying Case, high-impact plastic:


Epson HX-20 Advertisements

Here are some classic advertisements from Epson. Click a thumbnail to see a larger version of the picture.

Epson_HX-20_Ad_Thumbnail.jpg (1226 bytes) "Which do you think is the more sophisticated computer?" queries Epson in this funny magazine ad for the HX-20, circa 1982.

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