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Magnavox Odyssey^2

See below for specifications and information on this system.

Specifications and information

CPU: Unknown
Controls: 2 attached joysticks, or 2 joystick ports, depending on version
Games: Cartridges

The Odyssey2 is rare among home video game systems, in that it includes an alphanumeric keyboard. This particular Odyssey2 is a detachable joystick version and is in the original color display box.

Here's a shot of the Odyssey2 system out of the box.  This particular system is the later, somewhat rarer "detachable controller" version.  Note the odd, proprietary RF switch box.

Odyssey2Sys.jpg (66316 bytes)

Here's a shot of "The Voice", the Magnavox Odyssey2 voice synthesizer module, with its original box:

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